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Standard Design RAMFILL-MC

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RAMFILL-MC steel reinforcement sleeves are full encirclement sleeves formed by two rolled halves of steel then welded to each other and if required, to the pipe being repaired and reinforced.

RAMFILL-MC repair systems are manufactured under the international standards ANSI/ASME B31.4 and B31.8 from carbon-steel plates or carbon-steel pipes, in any specification, diameter and thickness, and according to the client’s request or project requirements.

RAM-100 complies with the following International Standards for the manufacture of RAMFILL-MC steel reinforcement sleeve repair systems:

  • ANSI/ASME BPV Code for Boiler and Pressure Vessel
  • ANSI/AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2010 Structural Welding Code – Steel – Edition 2010 (sections: 5.24-Weld profiles, 6.9-Visual inspection, and table 6.1-Welding of pipelines and related facilities, Nineteenth Edition, September 1999, Errata 2001 (section 9.7, table 4))
  • ASME PCC-2 – 2011 Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping

RAMFILL-MC sleeves are easy and fast to install, and because of our manufacturing processes comply with tolerances and guidelines outlined in API/ANSI/ASME standards, RAMFILL-MC sleeves can be installed in operating pipelines.

Our full encirclement sleeves type 'A' are installed only with longitudinal welds between each halve, without welding to the pipeline. This type of repair is accepted for pipelines with integrity deficiencies such as:

  • Flat dents
  • Stress-concentration dents
  • Stitches
  • Scratches
  • Corrosion with loss of thickness of up to 80%

RAMFILL-MC repair systems can be installed in pipelines that must be reinforced for safety such as those pipeline systems located in High Consequence Areas.

Our RAMFILL-MC repair systems, are full encirclement sleeves which require welding to the pipeline because of the deficiencies found during an integrity inspection. These repair systems are installed with longitudinal weld joining both halves, and an axial weld to the pipeline on each of the sleeve. This type of repair system is accepted for repairing pipelines with integrity deficiencies, such as:

  • Grooves
  • Dents
  • Heat damage
  • Cracking
  • Overall external corrosion
  • Overall internal corrosion
  • Flaws in welded sections with:
    • Incomplete penetration
    • Lack of fusion
    • Burnt areas with slag inclusions
    • Porosity
    • Gas bubbles
    • Undercutting

RAMFILL-MC repair systems can be converted to a Type ‘B’ repair system when welded to a pipe through a qualified welding procedure with certified welders. When this is required, a radiographic or ultrasonic inspection must be performed to the axial and longitudinal welds. After performing a mechanical integrity analysis of the deficiency identified during the inspection, and according to the applied assessment method, in order to reinforce the pipeline, a pipeline repair alternative must be selected using as primary criteria, the recovery of mechanical resistance suffered by loss of material, and up to reaching the rupture strength of the original conditions of the pipe. The repair and analysis urgency depend on the severity of the flaw, its location, depth, length, direction, strategic value of the pipeline and threat to the environment and population, as well as the potential consequences of the deficiency.

The most common size of RAMFILL-MC sleeves is of 1.0 m in length in all API diameters, from ASMI plate with the same or superior elasticity of the pipeline to be reinforced. If needed, it can be manufactured up to 3.0 m in length.

RAMFILL-MC repair systems are easily installed as each is manufactured to fit perfectly to the pipeline being repaired. Each halve is delivered with a beveled section on the longitudinal ends to rest evenly on the pipeline leaving an adequate space for the welding deposit. These beveled sections also prevent dripping and possible contamination of the welding when mixed with RAM-100 epoxy resin when applied as anti-corrosive mechanical protection in the residual gap.

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